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We Respect Matt Skiba.


Respect The Skiba.
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This is a Matt Skiba FAN community/ site.
(I Co-Mod skiba_fans, but deCided to *try* making my own comm)

Matthew Thomas Skiba was born on Febuary 24,1976, In Illinois. He Played Drums in The Traitors. He was also in the bands Jerkwater, and Blunt. Then started his own band called Alkaline Trio. The original line up was Matt on guitar & vocals, Rob Doran playing Bass, and Glenn Porter on drums (hence, me becoming a fan. I was a long time fan of Glenn, following him from when he was in 88 Fingers Louie, BUT thats another story!) Glenn soon left, and so did Rob. Leaving Matt all lonesome with a guitar and nobody. So, he Grabbed his friend Mike Felumlee to play drums, and Danny boy Andriano (dans_bald_head) to play bass. and forged ahead. Mike Later left, to pursue other things, and thats where derek_grant steps up to the plate. beating the hell out of anyone else.

Matts Dream of having a band has been ripped apart, patched up and made Anew.
"I want to post hot Skiba pictures in our lovely community! It's like we finally have a place of our own to worship. It's like an online church youth group or something. Maybe we should have weekly activities and stuff!"
Warped tour 2004 dates can be found here: http://www.warped2004.com/banddetail.asp?bandID=20
See You punks in VEGAS! =)
Membership is CLOSED. If you wish to join, Just shoot me an email! bundledupandoverheated@yahoo.com and I will get back to you. I want you to be aware That I read every post &the comments, anything negative will be deleted. This is going to be a positive Community. If you want to be negative, then join a diffrent Community (see below). easy as that. If I dont like your post, it will be deleted. If it really pisses me off, of corse I'll ban you. :)

But dont be afraid. Mainly what I'd like to be posted is:
1 photos- of matt, you with matt, or any kind of matt/alkaline trio related things. (such as artwork, paintings, and crafty stuff.)
**please put it behind a cut if its large. not everyone has DSL**
and if you remember where you found it, please credit them! its polite, and if you credit, its less likely I will have to remove it because of copyrights! Thank You.
2. stories, interveiws- meeting the band stories, show reviews, live proformance song lists, and the like.
3. questions, comments... -Something nice, you never know if matt will ever come to visit. I hear hes always checking out fan sites. :)
4. any kind of news.- if your on any mailing lists, feel free to post any info or tour dates.

1. layout requests. (go to a layout comm) but icon requests are okay.
2. posts that have nothing to do with Matt.
3. keep the x-posting to a minimum please.
4. No "matt is the next cobain" posts. i will KILL you. hmmf.
5. if you want your comm linked, just ask! I'd be more then willing to link you here, and have us linked on your info!

Matt deserves all the respect in the world. for influencing so many people. And helping alot of people through difficult times.

If you are offended by any member of this community, feel free to email me! include a link to the comment that you didnt like. cause i want everyone to feel comfortable.

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Co-mod/fellow Skiba Lovah & Layout by: stolenxwings
Co-mod & Trio Loving HTML freak w/a DELL bloodhunger + check out her trio site @ http://thekingsofpain.littleneedle.net

Lifetime Sexxxy Skiba Fans:
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cusack_daily-daily photos of the Man amongst men, John Casack, deliveried to your friends page daily. So sexy. [numero dous, next to skiba, of corse!] =)

That Bimbo: he loooves you
That Bimbo: he made you stop breathing.
TuffBunny24: when he was like "thanks for comin sweetie" and touched me i almost fainted haha
TuffBunny24: it was like being touched by god

+ Check out the memories for Photos/Mp3s/interveiws and Good stuff. =)