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curious to know...

when watching the alkaline trio dvd does anyone else personally go fucking insane when he starts quoting ani and then goes "and i miss you like...fuuuck"
i die everytime, seriously the other day i fell on the floor and almost started bawling.
its so amazingly beautiful and morose. it kills me, it reeally does.
mmmm skiba is the best.
alkaline trio is the bestest.
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I don't understand
sorry i made that sound really confusing, i edited my entry, matt skiba sings "and i miss you like fuuck" during 97 in the alk dvd and i thought it was so beautiful, i had to share :)
I must say I love that part too. It's lovely.
aww thats so sweet!!

my dvd was stolen. i watched it once, and then i got robbed. so yeah. i dont have it OR a dvd player anymore. :(
it happened to me too and practically killed me
hey, im getting a dvd burner so if you want when i get one ill totally burn you(and anyone else is need) a copy and send it to you
everyone should be able to have the alkaline trio loooovely dvd
well thank you, but thats illigal! lol...

id rather buy it and help the band, i will buy another, as soon as i get a dvd player. :/ im still kinda nervous about buying one, in case i get robbed again or something. i know its a long shot, but im still paranoid. :)
good for you!! im glad youre buying the actual dvd because its just so beautiful and i totally understand the paranoia it took me a few months for me to get a new one as well

Deleted comment

i actually completely disagree sorry.
oh and its spelled encore just for future reference

i have anonymous stuff screened, no one but me and you saw it. it was stupid, so i deleted it...

lol told ya, no negative. i mean busieness. haha
hehe good!! because anyone who puts down alkaline trio just really sucks like whoa.
mmmmatt skiba...
dan and derek are just so cute on the commentary!*goes into alkaline trio loving lalala land*
Ooh! I wanna know what the person said!!!
that was me dork face... and that wasnt negative... it was my opinion... sounds like you are trying to conrol everyones mind...
now im way glad im not in this community...

Love Jake...
youre always negative, i FIQURED it was you, creep. i AMMMMM trying to control some minds! i am indeed.

love you NOT
Whoa, whoa! What does he quote? I love that part, but I never knew what it was! And you're definitely not the only one literally falling down for Alkaline Trio. :) I think I do it to amuse myself.
he screws up the lyrics a bit but what he does say is from a song of ani's called shy, what he says is
"back in the city
the sun bakes the trash on the curb
the rats were pissing in doorways"
and then he pauses and goes "i dont remember the words"
then he goes onto to go "had a dream with roys face in it that scared me awake, i put too much on the table, i put too much at stake. and i miss you like fuuuck."
he added roy and the miss you part and its so beautiful, it really really is....yummmy.
Cool, thanks man!